What languages do you support?

We support the following languages:

  1. English (en)
  2. French (fr)
  3. Italian (it)
  4. German (de)
  5. Spanish (es)
  6. Dutch (nl)
  7. Polish (pl)
  8. Finnish (fi)
  9. Norwegian (no)
  10. Icelandic (is)
  11. Japanese (ja)

There are two separate language settings.

One is on a per-presenter basis, CrankWheel will try to match the user's preferred language according to their browser, or explicitly use a language the user has chosen.

The other is per account, for viewers, where you can set a default language for all viewer-facing interfaces for your account. This can be overridden by changing the hl= parameter in URLs with the corresponding two-letter code for the language you want, for example hl=es for Spanish.


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