Subscription setup error codes - what they might mean

If you're getting an error when trying to create a paid subscription, you should always feel free to contact us at and we can try to help.

It's very common that the required next step is for you to call your issuing bank, though.

In this support article, we keep track of a few error codes that we have learned may have a relatively easy fix:

Error code Possible resolution
1000 Approved We see this error sometimes showing up when the ZIP code does not match the ZIP code for the card billing address, or the CVC code was not entered correctly. Double-check both of those and try again. Failing that, you will need to call your card issuing bank.
2106 Processor declined: Cannot Authorize at this time (Policy) This can happen for various reasons, one of them possibly being that your credit card is only enabled for payments within the US.

You will need to call your bank, but be advised that CrankWheel is a European company based in Iceland.


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