v6.0 - Web-based audio, "Choose and Crop" for extension users

This release adds the ability to specify "Web based audio" as the audio type for a scheduled meeting. When the first viewer joins a screen share using a link for a meeting scheduled this way, the meeting changes to use web-based audio for all participants, requesting access to the microphone and joining them together in a multi-user audio conference over WebRTC.

In this release, Chrome and Edge extension users get the ability to use our "Choose and Crop" functionality by holding down Shift when pressing the Full screen mode selector button. Previously this was only available to users of our pure web version, and Firefox extension users.

Add self service cancellation, undoing cancellation, reactivating cancelled subscription, for customers who have a Chargify subscription denominated in USD (i.e., the vast majority by number).

Add list of phone numbers sent SMS, and email addresses sent invitation, to agent post session URL, allowing these details to be collected by the agent post session URL page.


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