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CrankWheel was incorporated in 2015 to build a screen sharing solution for telesales, and has since then done exactly that. We are still a small but profitable company, with about half of our team based in Iceland, and the other half distributed across Europe and North America.

We serve dozens of enterprise customers as well as thousands of individual users, everything from independent health insurance agents to customers with well over a thousand very active users, in verticals such as solar, yellow pages, wealth management and insurance.

CrankWheel was founded by Jói Sigurdsson, a 25-year veteran of the software industry including 10 years at Google and C-level and co-founder positions at multiple startups, and co-founded by Gilsi Sigvaldason, whose background in telesales for insurance and retail banking products was instrumental in building the exact right product for this audience.

We have never taken any outside investment, preferring to build a quality foundation more slowly and rely on our customers to drive us in the direction that is most valuable to them.


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