Is there a CrankWheel mobile app?

Not at the moment. We may build one but it is not a high priority for us at the moment.

To use CrankWheel to present with a screen share, you need to use it from a Windows, macOS, Linux or ChromeOS computer using a compatible browser such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Vivaldi or Opera. You can optionally use a browser extension that we provide for Chrome, Edge and Firefox to enhance your experience, but it is not required.

To use CrankWheel to view a screen share, you can use any browser on any device (well over 99.9% of browsers by usage across all devices are supported). No installation or registration is required to participate as a viewer.

For now, while we do not have a mobile application, it is not possible to use CrankWheel to present from, for example, an iPad, because the browser platform on mobile devices does not allow us to get access to a video stream to share your screen.

If you have your computer available and want to screen-share from your mobile, it is possible to do a workaround where you mirror your mobile to your computer screen and then share the mirrored view; see this article for details.


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