v5.28 - Transparently support per-account users without conflict

This release adds transparent support, for users of our integration APIs such as single sign-on, for allowing users within an account to transparently exist in a separate namespace from users in a different account. This allows for example to have a user in two or more different accounts owned by a single reseller or integration partner without needing to use our prefix mechanism.

A setting has also been added to automatically redirect to the provisioning provider log-in page rather than first show a warning page and require the user to click. This setting is appropriate for SSO integrations such as Okta, OpenID Connect, and others.

Finally, this release modifies our Chrome and Edge extensions slightly, to avoid blinking the CrankWheel button icon when selecting a browser tab to screen share. This is done as an experiment as we have noticed that Chromium issue which affects some of our users is triggered more often by extensions that make modifications to their icons.


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