v5.26 - Video sharing by link or by email

Videos that you record (with record to cloud turned on for your account) or upload can now be shared in a few different ways:
a) By copying a link to a video landing page, and manually pasting it into an email, chat or similar;
b) By copying a code snippet that you can paste into an email message, that gives you both a link to the landing page and an animated preview of the video; and, as before
c) Through Projector during a session.

When generating a link or email snippet, you can also specify a tracking code which will be used in subsequent releases to segment reports of number of plays, playback time, etc. for different groups of viewers.

The Collateral page now has a date range selector and only shows collateral created in a given period, and the default is to show the last week's worth (last 6 full days, plus today).

One quick note regarding our recent work on storing recordings in the cloud and enabling sharing of them via Projector and as links: The default for existing company accounts that have two or more users will remain for recordings to be stored only to the local disk. Saving recordings in the CrankWheel cloud will be an optional feature for older accounts that only an administrator or owner on those accounts can toggle on.


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