v5.25 - Record-to-cloud improvements

This update focuses on improvements to our new record-to-cloud feature, which will soon be made the default for new accounts. If you would like to try it out early, email

There is a new upload + preview page for recordings. After completing a session where there was a recording, and record-to-cloud is enabled, you will now see a new full browser tab pop open showing progress of upload and video processing, with a preview of the recording, and the ability to save to local disk.

We have added a company-wide setting to automatically start recording all sessions as soon as a viewer joins. This setting works for both our old local recordings, as well as record-to-cloud.

We have added two new JavaScript APIs for embedders; one is an embedder API for viewer windows, to listen for events such as changes in screen share dimensions. The other is an embedder API for presenter windows, which lets embedders listen to events such as viewer joined/let, session started/ended.

The user options page has been redesigned, and now lives on the dashboard only. The 'Options' button within the CrankWheel pop-up has been changed to 'Dashboard' which opens up the dashboard. User options are accessible from there, or by right-clicking your extension button and choosing 'Options'.

SSO links will now be generated for the same entry-point domain as you use for the SSO API call, and noauth URLs now respect link override URLs that are used by some enterprise customers along with our CNAME feature to have fully custom viewer-facing URLs.

This version also includes updates that attempt to mitigate the impact of the Google Chrome bug


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