Clicking the CrankWheel button in my browser does nothing!


This is due to a bug in recent versions of the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

We are very sorry for the issue. It's not a bug in CrankWheel but rather in Chrome and Edge, but we are working to resolve it in collaboration with the Google and Microsoft browser teams.

For full restoration of functionality at the moment, we recommend switching to Firefox and using our Firefox extension (instructions below), if you are badly affected by the bug and the workaround below does not work well for you.

We remain firmly committed to restoring full functionality on Chrome/Edge browsers and will continue to perform and to support work to do so, but a full fix will likely only be possible in collaboration with Google and/or Microsoft.

We will update the messaging on the CrankWheel dashboard page (which you see after log-in) once the issue has been resolved.


To get normal functionality back, for most users it is sufficient to follow the steps in this workaround video.

Still not working?

We've had reports from a handful of users for whom the steps above do not work, nor does fully exiting the Chrome browser or even rebooting their computer.

If this happens to you, please do one of the following:

1. Switch to Firefox

Our recommended option is to install Firefox, then log into CrankWheel using Firefox. To do so:

  1. Visit
  2. Click Log In near the top-right, and log in as usual (you will only need to log in about once a month)
  3. After you log in, you can install our Firefox extension from the first page after log-in

The Firefox extension has all the same functionality that you are used to.

2. Use without extension

CrankWheel retains the majority of its functionality even without the browser extension, so one option to avoid the bug is to use it without the extension.

Do as per the video linked to above but leave the extension disabled or uninstalled. You can then screen share starting from or by visiting and clicking the "Log in" link near the top right.

The page after log-in will show a "Start screen sharing" button that will work correctly as long as the extension is not installed or is disabled. It will also show an "Open CrankWheel" link that you can drag to your browser's bookmark bar (on Chrome, hit Ctrl+Shift+B to toggle its visibility) and once it's been dragged to the bar, you can click "Open CrankWheel" in your bookmarks bar to launch CrankWheel at any time.


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