v5.23 - Record to cloud, custom CNAME, email improvements

This release adds the ability to have all meeting recordings automatically uploaded and stored in CrankWheel's cloud, and also to upload pre-recorded videos to our cloud. From there they can be shared with other account users, played, downloaded, and used within Projector. In subsequent releases it will also be able to share recordings and uploaded videos with external users or the public, use them in sales engagement emails, and more.

We now support a custom CNAME setup for further customization for white label subscribers (Enterprise plans). This also comes with the ability to customize the favicon and title shown for any viewer-facing pages.

We have further improved our system's email capabilities so that we are able to switch between different email gateways, for customers that may be having trouble receiving email from our default gateway. This update also includes enhanced diagnostic capabilities for email difficulties.

A fix for a rare issue with Remote Control is also included, where previously if agents forgot to respond to the "Yes/No" dialog from the native helper within about 30 seconds, it would not be possible to enable Remote Control for the rest of the session.

As always, reach out to us at if you encounter any problems.


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