Weird behavior of Remote Control if monitors have different zoom levels

Our Remote Control feature supports multiple monitors. You can share any monitor, or a browser tab on any monitor, and grant control to that browser tab or monitor.


However, there is a limitation at the moment that each of your monitors on which you will share content, need to be set to the same "zoom level". This setting can be found in the "Scale and Layouts" settings area for your displays. You can for example set all your monitors to 125% zoom, or all to 100% zoom, but if you for example set one to 100% zoom and another to 150% zoom, then Remote Control will not function correctly.


If you have monitors set to different zoom levels and try to use Remote Control, you may see that the red/orange blinking border that indicates where your prospect will be able to perform mouse control does not show at the location you expected, and you may see the remote control session ending at unexpected times (this is due to a failsafe in CrankWheel where it will end the remote control session if a mouse event comes in at an unexpected position).


As a workaround, please ensure all monitors on which you plan to share content that is to be remote controlled are set to the same zoom level.


If you need assistance, don't hesitate to email us at



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