v5.20 - Share full-fidelity video within screen sharing session

This release adds the ability for presenters to play full-fidelity video recordings within a screen sharing session. Account administrators can configure one or more videos that presenters can play, as links to .mp4 files. Presenters can play these during the session, controlling playback on the viewer end. The video is streamed by the viewer so it plays in full fidelity rather than having degraded quality due to having been sent over a video conference.

For now, playing a full-fidelity video for the viewer is limited to sessions with a single viewer, and to videos hosted elsewhere as .mp4 files. We will be continuing work on this feature and expect to support more use cases such as sharing videos hosted with popular video sites, and sharing to multiple viewers at a time.

This release also has many small fixes related to the new look and feel of the administrative dashboard, and various other bug fixes.


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