v4.3 - Recording improvements

This new version of CrankWheel brings significant improvements to recording capabilities, which we will further expand on in upcoming versions:

  • Before this version, recordings would simply get downloaded to the local downloads folder immediately after a session.
  • Now, instead of immediate download, after a session a recording preview tab will open up.
  • In the preview tab, you can review the recorded video.
  • To save the recording locally, you can hit "Save" or "Save As".
  • You can also choose to upload the recording to YouTube or Google Drive, which will take you through a brief account selection process the first time you use these features.
  • Additionally, this update fixes an issue where CrankWheel could run out of memory while recording very long screen sharing sessions.

In addition to the recording improvements, this version brings an update to our Embedding API so that it now includes details on the actual pixel size, after scaling, of the video playing, which allows embedders to make better-informed decisions on the layout of the iframe where CrankWheel is embedded.


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