v4.0 - Improved video framerate and quality, plus enhanced exports

This new major release improves video framerate and quality, particularly for the majority of 1-on-1 meetings. A new framerate-enhanced screen sharing algorithm that we introduced a couple of months ago is now the default for new accounts, and can be set as the default for older accounts (or switched to within individual sessions). This enhanced algorithm now makes use of a technology called WebRTC when available during 1-on-1 sessions, and falls back gracefully to our own screen sharing technology when not. The result is significantly improved video framerate and quality for the majority of sessions.

Existing users can try the new algorithm within a session by hovering over the preview pane, clicking on the FPS counter, and selecting the framerate-optimized algorithm. To make it the default, they can visit their company's settings page. A suggested transition plan for existing users is as follows:

  1. Have some of your agents try out the new algorithm on a session-by-session basis by hovering over the preview pane, clicking the FPS counter, and selecting the framerate-optimized algorithm;
  2. After a few such successful trials, an administrator on your account can make the new algorithm the default for all new sessions by visiting and flipping the switch, e.g. for a half or full day initially; and
  3. After a successful extended trial as above, flip the switch permanently. Agents will still be able to switch back to our tried and tested algorithm, which is slower but very reliable, for individual sessions as needed.

Another big feature in this release is enhanced export to Excel for both normal usage reports and Instant Demos usage reports, where the Instant Demos usage reports can be exported both as they could before via CSV (all prospect info in one column) or in a new flattened format (one column per prospect info field) via both CSV and well-formatted Excel document.


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