How to share your mobile phone or tablet screen via CrankWheel

It can be useful to screen share information from your mobile device, for example to give a demonstration of mobile-based software.

A viewer participating in a CrankWheel session can use any device without downloading any software. This includes mobile and tablet devices. For a presenter, CrankWheel works across all desktop platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux and ChromeOS) and across most browsers (see full list here), but there is no mobile app for presenters.

Therefore, it is not possible to screen share directly from a mobile device using CrankWheel. However, by first mirroring your mobile phone or tablet's screen to your PC or Mac, you can then use CrankWheel to screen share the program window containing the mirrored view.

If you have an Android mobile phone or tablet, you can follow these instructions to mirror your screen to either a PC or Mac.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, there is one set of instructions to mirror to your Mac, and another set of instructions to mirror to your PC.


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