v3.4.0.3 - Pause button, Excel export, configurable mailto, plus API improvements

Hi folks, several improvements this time:

  • There is now a pause button while screen sharing.
  • The "Your usage" tab now has an Excel export option in addition to the previously existing CSV export. We will extend this soon to Instant Demo usage history as well.
  • The URL used to launch email clients can be configured on Edit Company page (defaults to a standard "mailto:" URL). This allows use of web-based email clients such as Outlook Live that do not support a standardized "mailto:" URL.
  • There is now a toggle that the CrankWheel support team can set per company account to override the default screen sharing algorithm that sessions start with, so that they start with the framerate-optimized algorithm for users on that account.
  • Various API and integration partner improvements:
    • APIs to configure API integration and webhooks.
    • WYSIWYG Instant Demos editor is now embeddable, for integration partners and resellers.
    • Integration partners and resellers can now "gray label" the Chrome extension and the administrative dashboard in several ways.


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