v5.7 - Full i18n, override post-session URL

This release completes our long-term internationalization effort by making all administrator-facing pages language aware and adding translations for them, as well as for our signup and log-in flows and emails. Users can now choose a language at the point of signup (or any point thereafter) and it will be used for all transactional emails and as the default viewer language and presenter language when they sign up. We have not yet received all translations for Polish and Icelandic but these will be added in our next release.

We've also added the ability for presenters to override the post-session URL for the ongoing session, meaning the post-session URL specified at the account level will be used by default, but the URL specified by the presenter will be used if they use the feature to override the URL, for example to send the viewer to a page with a quote on services discussed in the meeting. This feature is on by default for new accounts, and can be turned on by administrators on older accounts.

As always, reach out at if you have any questions!


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