v5.5 - Webcam feature, performance improvements and more

The big news in this release is the new feature of being able to share your webcam, either instead of a screen share, or as an overlay on top of any screen sharing mode. This is on by default for accounts created after the release, and can be enabled by administrators on older accounts by visiting their Edit Company page.

Another big improvement is that large multi-viewer meetings now perform better, especially when some large percentage of viewers is using a relatively slow or unstable network connection. Multi-viewer meetings will now also scale to a considerably larger number of viewers, for those few customers who have requested a higher limit than our typical 300 viewer limit.

Another quality improvement is for visual quality in Framerate-mode meetings when peer-to-peer did not connect successfully or when there are multiple viewers.

For sales teams, a new useful feature is that you can configure a post-session URL for agents, a page that gets opened on the agent's side after each screen share. This could for example be a form in your CRM to capture details of the meeting.

Additionally, many bugfixes and small improvements in addition to those above.

As always, please reach out to us at if you run into any issues.


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