v5.4 - Multi-widget, multi-team feature for Instant Demos

The big news in this release is that users of Instant Demos can now create and use multiple lead capture widgets, each with their own setting. It's even possible to use more than one widget on the very same web page if desired, e.g. for different CTA buttons.

Multiple, possibly overlapping, teams of agents can also be defined, and each widget is configured to be handled by one of these teams, or all widgets can be handled by the main team.

The "Your usage" usage report, as well as usage reports for resellers, have been improved, and a new API endpoint has been added to retrieve usage history, this endpoint is faster and more accurate than the older one, and will match the data on the new usage report pages.

This release also contains numerous app layout improvements, in particular for localized versions, and various bug fixes.


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