v5.3 - Reliability and resource usage improvements for all users

This release marks the roll-out of our revamped (but still familiar) pure web edition becoming the main edition of CrankWheel, augmented by a small browser extension if/when installed.

That version has already been the primary version for Microsoft Edge users for a couple of weeks, and we are now rolling it out in stages to Google Chrome users (and users of other browsers built on Chromium).

There are performance and resource usage improvements in this revamped version, which typically uses half the memory the older generation extension used, and does not consume any resources when not open.

This version also adds reliability improvements, as CrankWheel will now in more cases keep a screen sharing session going and successfully reconnect the presenter, when faced with short-term network disconnection. If you've been experiencing sessions randomly ending, this version should improve that.

As always, please reach out to us at if you encounter any difficulties. As the roll-out is staged, please be ready to tell us your Chrome version number when reporting an issue. This can be checked by following the instructions in this video:


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