v5.2 - Significantly reduced memory and CPU usage, updates to infrastructure

Memory usage and CPU usage is significantly reduced in this new version of CrankWheel, and resource consumptions when you are not actively using CrankWheel is reduced practically to zero.

There are big changes behind the scenes in this release, which will enable us to iterate more rapidly on the CrankWheel product going forward.

Our web edition is now the one and only edition of CrankWheel for users on Microsoft Edge, and the same will be true for users on Google Chrome within a few weeks. When our extension for Chrome or Edge is installed, there is added functionality, but the same implementation is used for 95% of features in both cases.

This change will let us iterate more rapidly on new features, as we have only one edition to maintain and we can update our extensions less frequently, as 95% of features are independent of them.


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