Access denied when logging in

If you're redirected to an Access Denied page when you log in, and you know that you used the right credentials, then most often this is because your browser is configured to block 3rd party cookies.

CrankWheel uses a 3rd party authentication service to ensure that all security standards are upheld rigorously. To use it, 3rd party cookies must be allowed.

To allow 3rd party cookies in your Google Chrome browser, follow these steps:

  1. In a new browser tab, type in chrome://settings/ and then press Enter
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click Advanced
  3. Scroll down a little bit and click Content Settings
  4. Click Cookies
  5. Make sure the toggle switch beside "Block third party cookies" is in the disabled position (in this position it will be light gray and switched to the left hand side).
  6. Log back in to CrankWheel

If the above steps do not result in a successful log-in for you, please get in touch with our support team and we'll be able to help.

If you wish, you may choose to re-enable blocking of third party cookies after you have successfully logged in. To do so, simply follow steps 1 through 4 above, then in step 5 make sure "Block third party cookies" is enabled, rather than disabled.


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