v4.9 - GDPR opt-in, Firefox support

This new version introduces an option for Instant Demos lead capture that lets you require an explicit opt-in from users, with a configurable opt-in message, before any data is submitted through the Instant Demos form. This may be desired by customers to better comply with GDPR, CCPA or similar, as it makes consent for processing personal information clearer.

Also in this version, we are launching for the first time our pure web-app edition of CrankWheel, initially with support for presenters to use Mozilla Firefox, with support for other modern browsers coming soon. The pure web-app edition is currently somewhat limited in functionality compared to the Chrome extension version, notably lacking the ability to record sessions and to grant remote control, but we will be working to close the feature gap over the coming months. If you would like to try this version, simply sign up or log into an existing account using Firefox.


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