Being prepared to give a presentation or demo at a moment's notice

When you have a prospect on the phone, or an inbound request (maybe through CrankWheel's built-in Instant Demos lead capture) and you want to screen share with them, it's great to have a set of presentation and/or demo materials ready to go to let you dig in as fast as possible without having your prospect wait.

This is especially important when you have perhaps a few different prospect types and need a separate set of materials for each type of prospect.

For web-based materials, it is possible in Chrome to create a folder of bookmarks that bookmarks all tabs currently open in a given window, letting you reopen all of these very quickly at once in a new Chrome window. This is the easiest approach to quickly opening a set of web-based demo and presentation materials at the start of a call with a prospect. Here's a video showing how this is done:

For other materials, for example native applications, Excel spreadsheets or similar, you can organize all the documents (or shortcuts to documents) in a folder on your computer, letting you select all of them and open them all at once when it comes time for a demo.

As always, we love to talk about best practices. Email us at or talk to us via our website chat if you need any help.


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