v4.7 - New pop-up sharing mode, new usage summary

Hi folks! The two biggest changes in this version are:

  1. We've added a power-user feature that is a different mode of tab sharing, that will let you share any tab including pop-up windows that don't have the CrankWheel button. To activate this sharing mode, hold down the Shift key while clicking on "Browser tab" to start sharing. You will see that the behavior is a little different, you are shown a picker dialog to pick the tab to share, and all browser tabs get a little header while this sharing mode is ongoing (including the CrankWheel control panel, which can be slightly confusing - sorry, nothing we can do about that). You will also see that mouse highlights do not work, and remote control of tabs shared in this way will not work either.
  2. We've added a new and much faster usage summary page that shows you your usage statistics for both screen sharing and Instant Demos. Don't worry, the pages you are used to are still there, at the URLs you're used to if you are using bookmarks to go straight to them. The new page is accessible from the "Your usage" link in the left-hand navigation of your administrative dashboard. The previous screen sharing and Instant Demos usage pages are accessible via buttons at the top of that page.

Other things in this release:

  • Administrators can now enable agents for Instant Demo requests via SMS, and configure the agents' phone number for this, via the "Access control" pane in the admin dashboard.
  • You can now choose to have strict validation applied to the phone number question in Instant Demos.
  • You can use the keyboard shortcut Alt+C (or option-C on macOS) instead of clicking the CrankWheel button. Your input focus needs to be on a window with such a button for this to work. You can configure or turn off the keyboard shortcut by typing chrome://extensions/shortcuts into a browser window and finding the listing there for CrankWheel.

We hope you enjoy this release! If you have any issues, please contact us by emailing 


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