v4.6.0.5 - Instant Demos improvements

Instant Demos users can now mark multiple questions as required. Before this change, the prospect's phone number was the only required field, and your sales agents would be alerted as soon as the prospect filled in their number.

After this change, any questions marked required are asked (and require answers) before your agents are alerted. The system then starts asking optional questions. Your agents therefore have more information immediately available to them when a request comes in.

This change is also in preparation for a lead scoring feature we are working on, which will allow calculating a lead score based on required questions, and assigning different teams of agents and/or handling the request in different ways depending on the score.

Apart from this feature, today's release includes an update to our Salesforce integration to match changes in Salesforce's Lightning environment, an automated notification with customer support details for users encountering an issue related to the macOS Catalina (10.15) update, and a couple of bugfixes.


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