v4.6 - Instant Demos improvements, added browser support

Today's update of CrankWheel brings the following improvements to the Instant Demos functionality:

  • Messages editor. A new type of editor for your Instant Demos messages, in addition to the Interactive Editor, this one makes it easier to get a one-page way to edit all messaging, including messages that can be hard to get to in the Interactive Editor.
  • Templates. When enabling Instant Demos, or any time thereafter, you can choose from several templates suitable for different scenarios, in multiple languages.
  • Better reporting. The demo usage page will now show aggregate statistics including median and average time to handle and to call requesting users, for both your whole team and broken down by individual agents.
  • For resellers, this version also includes a much-improved overview statistics page showing statistics of Instant Demo requests.

This update also adds official compatibility for the CrankWheel extension with the Opera, Brave and Chromium browsers, as well as partial support for the Vivaldi browser and the upcoming Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser (currently in beta) with full support coming soon. As always, your viewers can use practically any browser, but with this update presenters have a wider choice of browsers.


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