v2.6.0.3 - Live mouse & Instant Demos improvements

The big news in this version is what we call "live mouse". You're probably used to CrankWheel showing you a green "mouse trail" on the preview pane, which indicates when your mouse updates have been shown to your viewer, when you have just one and are sharing a browser tab. In this new release, those updates are a lot more "live", showing a live green disc rather than a mouse trail, and we've added another mouse indicator, an orange disc, which shows you when and where your viewer's mouse is moving on top of what you're screen sharing to them. This lets you gauge their interest, allows them to point to things, and so forth.

Another big improvement is that if a prospect is making a demo request, and that prospect has previously been called by one of your agents, then the lead capture information will include details on when the prospect was last called and by which agent, giving you some options on how to proceed, such as to wait a bit if you know the correct agent is around, or ping them on IM, or handle the call with the knowledge of the previously handling agent.

To further let you analyze Instant Demo behavior and conversion rates, we've added several JavaScript events, and written a brief guide on hooking these up to analytics systems such as Google Analytics. See for details on the events, and for the article on integrating with Google Analytics.

Other improvements include changes to increase compatibility for older browsers, just to make extra sure CrankWheel always works, and improved customizability on the look and feel of Instant Demos, where we added a couple more knobs.


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