v7.0 - Optional preview before viewer joins. MV3.

This release adds the ability to turn on the preview window before any viewer joins. This is very useful when creating screencasts or recording a video using your webcam, to give you visual feedback on what will be included in the recording.

With this release, we switch our extension to the Manivest Version 3 (MV3) format. There is no functionality change related to this and for users it should hopefully be a non-event, but it is a required change now due to Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge policy changes. The one group of users that might be affected are users who still run a very old version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, either by accident or by enterprise policy, but for such users we have had an in-app warning for many weeks. The product will continue to function even if they do not take action. They will not be able to install the new extension, but can keep their previously-installed MV2 extension without issue, for as long as the Chrome and Edge browsers allow it.

If you run into any problems, please reach out to our support email, 


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