I got the "Unsupported browser version" warning, what do I do?

This warning indicates that you are using a very old version of Chrome or Edge (from 2022 or earlier). Such browser versions no longer support the latest released version of our browser extension, and will not receive further updates to it. Many features may not work correctly, and your browser version is no longer supported by us.

We recommend updating your browser.

To update Google Chrome, see this article from Google.

To update Microsoft Edge, see this article from Microsoft.


If you are part of an organization that strictly controls roll-outs of new browser versions, and will not be updating to a later version of the browsers right away, there is a fairly brief period during which special measures can be taken involving use of the ExtensionManifestV2Availability enterprise policy to continue using older browser versions with an older version of our extension, that we plan to keep available and operational until end of life of the above-mentioned policy exception. Please reach out to us via if you need to discuss this option.


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