v2.0.0.1 - Instant Demos for all!

The big news for this release is that Instant Demos are now available to all users of CrankWheel on a self-service basis, either on a free-for-individuals plan or a paid plan that includes Instant Demos (our legacy plans do not, but our new plans starting at $75 per month do), for embedding on any web site.

Instant Demos improvements:

  • Folks on paid plans can configure their lead capture components, messaging and settings in a WYSIWYG preview environment.
  • We now have four different lead capture types: Email, text, radio button and multiple-choice checkboxes.
  • Paid plans get lead enrichment based on email addresses.
  • Paid plans have access to an Instant Demos environment that can be linked to from email campaigns.
  • The demo request accept flow is improved; agents can now preview the lead capture details before deciding whether to accept the request.

Screen sharing improvements:

  • Instead of timing out after 10 minutes of inactivity, screen sharing sessions will now pause sharing (such that no new information is shown) until the presenter confirms whether to continue sharing or end the session.

Additionally, various bugfixes such as showing scroll hints on overflowing lead capture boxes.


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