How to add Instant Demos to your website

Here are the steps required to add the CrankWheel Instant Demos functionality to a button or buttons on your website. These steps assume that you have purchased a paid plan for CrankWheel.

Note: There is also a video walkthrough of how to enable and customize Instant Demos, available here, and video walkthroughs for how to add Instant Demos using several website builders and CMSs such as WordPress and Squarespace, available here.

You may need help from your web developer or web team for steps 1 and 2.

  1. Get your company's Instant Demos JavaScript snippet. You can find a link to it in your admin console at If you need help finding the snippet, email
  2. For any button or clickable element that should trigger an Instant Demo request, the CSS class crankwheel-com-showu-launch-button should be added. For example, an <a> element could be changed to trigger an Instant Demo request by changing it to <a class="crankwheel-com-showu-launch-button">Get an Instant Demo!</a>
  3. The following customization can be done:
    • All messaging used in the Instant Demo request can be customized.
    • Which details are captured for your lead can be customized. The only required detail is their phone number. After that you can capture any information you like, but if you want to enable automatic lead enrichment you should capture their email address at least.
    • By default, CrankWheel requests a country code when asking for your prospect's phone number. The system guesses the appropriate country code based on the prospect's geo-location. If you prefer, you can choose not to show or collect the country code (e.g. if you have primarily US customers).
    • As an option, you may offer the user to book a time for a demo using a booking tool such as Calendly. This offer is shown to the user if no agent responds within a timeout or if no agents were available at the time of request.
    • As another option, you may offer an embedded video after the agent timeout has passed, e.g. "Sorry we couldn't get to you right away. Here's some pre-recorded information if you'd like to view it right now."
    • Check out full instructions for customization here.
  4. Before you can start accepting Instant Demo requests, at least one presenter (i.e., user of CrankWheel) at your company must be marked as being available for Instant Demo requests. To add presenters who should be available for Instant Demo requests, visit, click the pencil icon to edit each presenter you wish to make available for requests, make sure there is a checkmark in the checkbox labelled "Available for instant demo requests" and then save. You may also feel free to request assistance from us for this task via

We hope you enjoy the Instant Demos functionality. We'd love to hear your feedback!


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