v2.3.0.3 - Experimental recording & Spanish!

This release adds the ability to record your CrankWheel sessions. If you'd like to try it out, you need to enable it through the Options page. This feature set is still a little bit basic; you can record only once you have at least one viewer joined to your session, and the recordings are simply saved to your local hard drive in .webm format once your session ends. You can choose (in options) whether to include an audio recording of your microphone input. During sessions, you can stop and then restart recording; the combined recording downloaded at the end of your session will include the periods during which you were recording.

The recording feature is marked as experimental simply because although we've tested it as widely as we can, we realize that this kind of feature may have compatibility problems on different devices, and we'd like to keep it marked experimental until we've had a chance to gather feedback from early adopters.

In addition to recording capabilities, we're adding Spanish as a language choice. Thanks to the folks at Declarando for contributing the translation!

As always, we hope you enjoy CrankWheel. If you have any questions, feel free to submit a ticket using the link at the top-right of this help center.

UPDATE: Recording is no longer experimental. Recordings are downloaded to your Downloads or My Downloads folder (the default folder where your browser saves downloaded files).


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