What to do if the "Email" button in CrankWheel does nothing or opens the wrong email client

The ability to send links by email relies on your own email client, as this is the best way to ensure deliverability of email to your customers and prospects.
Technically speaking, this means a handler for email links needs to be correctly set in your Chrome browser or your operating system. Here are steps to achieve this depending on which of some common email clients you are using:
Gmail / G Suite mail in your browser
If you're using Gmail or G Suite mail and you access it using a browser window, do as follows:
  1. Sign in to your Gmail or G Suite account in a browser tab using your Chrome browser.
  2. There should be an icon at the far right of the address bar, next to the star icon, that looks kind of like a double diamond. Click this icon.
  3. A drop-down menu should appear that asks "Allow to open all email links?".
  4. Select "Allow", then click the button "Done".
If you don't see the double diamond icon at the far right of the address bar, you may need to first do this:
  1. Go to Settings > Show advanced settings… 
  2. Find Privacy > Content settings… > Handlers
  3. Select the radio button next to Allow sites to ask to become default handlers for protocols (recommended) to get back the handler icon.

If you still don't see the double diamond icon when you navigate to Gmail or G Suite, please check the 3rd suggested solution in this article to see if that works for you.

Other webmail in your browser
If you are using a browser-based email client that does not have the feature of setting itself as the default mail client on your machine, for example Outlook Live, we have a feature that lets administrators configure CrankWheel for such email clients. Simply visit your admin dashboard by clicking here, then click "Edit company", then "Customize mailto URL" and full instructions will appear along with an example configuration that works for Outlook Live.
Desktop-based email client
Many email clients, when you install them, will allow you to make them the default email handler. Once this has been done, they should open up email links, including opening up a draft email when you click "Email" in CrankWheel.
If this is not happening, here are instructions for Windows and for Mac:
On Windows 7 through 10, first go to Control Panel > Programs > Default Programs > Set Associations. Then, click on "Associate a file type or protocol with a program". Now scroll down to the Protocols section, look for the MAILTO row, and double-click on it. You should now be able to select an email client of your choice, one that is already installed on your computer.
On Mac, open the Mail app and go to Preferences > General. Now pick the email program that you want to set as the default using the Default email reader popup. Even if you want to use a program other than the built-in Mail app as the default email handler, you need to get to these preferences by first starting the Mail app.
All set?
Now that you've configured your default mail link handler, when you click "Email" in CrankWheel it should open up a ready email in your default email client, that you can simply send, or edit at will before sending.
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