v2.1.0.5 is out - Servers in multiple geographies, brandable Instant Demos and SMS

The biggest new thing in this release is we now support multiple server locations around the world, as a way to lower latency and improve quality for many of our users.

For new users, CrankWheel will choose the most appropriate location at signup time.

Existing users will not notice any difference to begin with. Users on paid plans can choose their server location to match what they expect will be fastest for their company. At the moment, servers are located in Ireland (Europe West), Ohio (North America East) and Singapore (Asia Pacific).

We expect to add servers in more locations around the world once the functionality enabling geographic distribution has been proven in the field. For our largest customers, we recommend waiting a week or two before switching away from the "Europe West" servers which they are currently on. We've tested the new functionality thoroughly and we don't expect any issues, but a little time in the field is always useful for a large update like this.

The other big theme in this release is improvements to Instant Demos:

  • Agents can now choose to get an SMS text message notification when a demo request comes in. From the notification the agent may view the request and call the requester if desired.
  • It is now possible to customize font and brand color for Instant Demo lead capture form to make it better fit your site.
  • We now provide the ability to pre-populate fields that are already known when demo request is launched.
  • Improvements in how Instant Demos can be integrated, especially for CMSs.
  • Right-to-left text is now supported in the Instant Demos lead capture form.

A couple of other important improvements:

  • Paid plans can now send SMS text messages from a customizable alphanumeric sender address instead of a phone number when inviting users to sessions (in many countries; falls back to a normal phone number in others), and free plans' sender is "CrankWheel" rather than a phone number.
  • The timeout of all CrankWheel notifications has been increased to make them more noticeable.
  • We fixed an issue where folks' computer sometimes wouldn't go to sleep after having held a CrankWheel session.


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